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Chef please, It’s not me – It’s YOU.

Comment below with what you’re passionate about! Also, has someone ever made you second guess your passion?

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks. I used to work at a 5 star hotel and restaurant, however after some time had passed and multiple attempts to move forward i simply had to move on. While the experience changed me for the better, i have to admit like most people who are unemployed i fell into a rut.

When i first decided to start this blog i began by writing down recipes that i generally make day to day and was happy to work on content for the entire month. l began cooking more and more and i was excited to wake up everyday knowing i had another idea up my sleeve. A month had passed by,  and i was feeling like myself again and most importantly i felt inspired. A feeling i had lost years ago without even noticing

Before my hotel position, i was a lucky business school drop out! I had a good 9 to 5 job in finance where i would still have the time to make dinner nightly, however that changed when i moved into shift work. It was rare at first to have two days the same, some days i worked at 6:30am while others i worked 4:30pm to 1:00am! After being just short of 2 years i decided i needed to be challenged in a different way. A month after i resigned, an old colleague who was an executive chef reached out responding to an Instagram story noting,  “you’re cooking more than me these days!” I playfully mentioned that i was finally happy again and forgot how much i needed food. He arrogantly replied that  “it’s funny how common of a phase that is…”

Maybe I’m over sensitive but i felt stupid. I mean here i am, trying to find a reason to keep waking up day after day without being consumed by defeat, and an actual chef who’s watching everything i eat in a day, is really telling me that me preparing my own meals is just a phase…

To you chef i say : It’s not me…it’s you

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The hotel restaurant & lounge job came to me through a friend and i saw the opportunity to dabble in the world of fine food & beverage, something i loved! I’ve always wanted to be a chef, and in taking on a simple role in a lux hotel i was eager to stand on the sidelines and witness the environment of an upscale kitchen before considering culinary education. Although it was as magical as i imagined it to be behind the scenes, i still couldn’t see myself ever working in such an intense environment every single day. I spent my first month nagging every new chef i met with the question “do you cook at home?” With no exaggeration, i will inform you every chef from pastry to sous smiled with realization and answered “No!”

Finally another chef clarified over evening cocktails,“Chef’s rarely cook at home because they like to spend the time dining out and enjoying the concept of another chef.”

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Remember the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S ? Where Rachel hits on a gynecologist who says:  “you’re a waitress right? Ever leave work and think boy, if i ever see another cup of coffee again?!…” I feel as the same goes for cooking. I quickly understood that we may be passionate about something, but sometimes when we turn passion into work – the passion subsides.

I knew immediately that i would have to execute my hungry imagination in a creative environment and not a professional one and to me, that was good enough. To just stay passionate. So stay tuned, this home cook is sending more food to table 6!

I’ve spent the past two weeks day after day reading blogs and getting to know the community.  I am so grateful to have finally taken the chance to start this, and i wanted to thank everyone who pours their emotions and time into new content day after day, you are truly appreciated, inspiring and your hard work does not go unseen. It’s incredible how simply reading about another persons day can truly inspire you to make the best out of your own!

So please, help me do just that! Comment below, inspire me please !



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